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DNS issues…

Site has been off-line for a week due to DNS issues. I transfered this domains  DNS to FatCow nameservers (they are great by the way). Seems some old data got transferred as well which caused lots of problems. Finally got someone on the phone last night and told them what the problem was in DNS (old A records pointing to the wrong IP). That got the DNS Admins to look closely as my DNS records and it was fixed as of this am.

Other than this little snaffu, FatCow has been great. I have about 15 domains on here for the same price as one with unlimited bandwidth, storage etc. Was hard to believe at first but the fine print was correct… so for about $100 per year, you can’t beat it.

I’m digressing as this has nothing to do with Bees….




WOW! The girls were hungry!

After cooking up the batch of the 5:3 syurp, I put on the first quart on this nuc. I should have guess it but I was still suprised that it was empty this morning. Put on another and I’ll see how long today it last. I’m alittle nervous about this nuc since I’ve never had a nuc raise a queen from scratch since I’ve had queen cells and that has seemed to work out. So I hope that I got enough early larvae in the brood mix that I transferred to this nuc. I will be looking for some cells today on hive #2 and #3 since I didn’t look into the bottom deeps on either hive  when I was inspecting last week. Keep your fingers crossed.

Here are a couple of pics from this morning. Turns out the camera xD memory card was loose in it’s slot yesterday so the camera is not 10-7 like I thought.




Made the split…

After I made the syrurp this morning, I got ready to split hive #1 since it was busting at the seams and I noticed many swarm cells when I inspected last week. Unfortunately, all the swarm cells were not completed yet… I was hoping for some queen cells for the split.

Anyways… I did the Swarm Split, 5 frames to a spare nuc. The frames were a mixture of of brood with some uncapped nectar and some pollen, to almost full frames of brood in various stages. I’m hoping that I got some larvae young enough in case they have to make a queen. I still have to inspect hive #2 on Sunday so maybe there will be some completed cells that I can snag some queens.

I will have say that the colony today was really docile… compared to last week when it was way too windy. I got stung on the right ring finger 6 times… though I was going to have to cut the ring off…

At any rate, got the nuc all buttoned up with no issues and stuck a jar of syurp on it so I’ll see how things look tomorrow. Sorry no pictures… the camera appears to suffered a cardiac arrest so I might be shopping for a new camera.