Monthly Archives: April 2012

When I’m working with the WebCam…

I’m going to need some critique… so if you want to be notified when I’m in the apiary doing some work, send an email to I’ll send you an email when I’m working in the apiary so you can share video comments as to how the video link is working or not working  (not how I look!), focus, lighting etc.I will not share your email with anyone, so you won’t have to worry about that!! (I hate SPAM as much as you!)

(Update: I just added a subscribe button on the right side of your screen above the Calendar. This is a feature of one of my plugins)

While I’m working on the box cam, I’ll have a general camera setup so I can test the vendors site to make sure I know how my account works and the video uplink stuff. That way, when I get the actual box cam working, it should be smooth sailing.

I have a weather station in the apiary if you want to check out the weather. The URL is:

KD4MOJ is my amateur radio station license which you see in my signature, so if any of you are “hams”, do let me know (you can use the above email).

-Doug, KD4MOJ




The Camera has arrived…

Well nothing much has happened in the apiary in the past week except for feeding the Nucs that I made up for some friends…. and I’ve been waiting on the camera to arrive.

It has! It’s a mini dome camera and I hope that it’s small enough inside the hive so the bees won’t propolize it. I’ll have to position it so that it’s between the frames. I’ve been thinking about this for some time on how to accomplish my mission, but I’ve gone back and forth where to mount it. I think that I’m going to use a modified top cover so I’m looking down and secondly it will be easier for maintenance. If I mount it on the brood box, that will be a limitation to the brood box only.

Next is the lighting. I’m researching on how may Infared LED”s that I’m going to need for lighting. This is going to take some “trial and error” I believe to get the lighting correct for both near and far and the number of LED’s required. If anyone knows, do let me know. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel here.

Here is the link… you might even get some live shots while I’m testing. I’ll make an announcement here and also provide a static link.


-Doug, KD4MOJ