Monthly Archives: November 2012

OA Treatment…

Yesterday, Nov 5th, I used my Heilyser Technology Oxalic Acid Vaporizer for the first time. I treated hives #1 & 3 to see what happens. I had noticed ed MANY bees in the beeyard walking on the grass over the past couple of weeks. I noticed that most of them appeared to be healthy (not tattered wings, K wings or just plain ole warn out bees) but they were constantly rubbing their bodies with their legs. Didn’t notice any varroa on them but little white or yellow specs on their legs and thorax.

So I figured it was time to use the vaporizer. The vaporizer worked well, dispersing the vapors in under two minutes but I left the hives sealed up for the recommended 10 minutes (total). I cleaned out the trays under the screen bottom boards so I could inspect them today and see how many dead mites I could see. Prior to dumping the trays, I did notice a few live mites (and small hive beetles [SHB]) crawling around the tray. Much to my suprise this morning, I saw about 10 or so dead mites and 5 or 6 dead beetles. Not sure if the SHB died overnight because of the temps (only 53°F) or the vapor killed them. At anyrate, glad to see them dead!

I was going to extract the 2 supers of honey but they were cemented together. I mean I spent over and hour trying to get the supers apart but I gave up. The frames were sealed as well so I need to spend some time this week trying to get this resolved. See what happens when you don’t inspect frequently enough! I didn’t get any pictures of the vaporizing but I did get a pic of the burr comb under the telescoping cover. Another reason to do frequent inspections!