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Memorial Day Swarm

Received a call from a friend of mine (who needs bees) about a swarm. The word was that the swarm was in a small tree for several days and I didn’t think they would still be there yesterday morning… but they were still hanging out. Very small and my pictures were not really great this time. I was using my phone camera this time around and even managed to photograph my shadow. Duh!



Building frames with a frame jig

Yesterday afternoon in the 90°F heat (in the shade), I decided to try my new Brushy Mountain frame jig. I decided to put together 50 frames and here is what I did. Click the pictures for a bigger view if you like.

Brush Mountain Frame Jig

The jig can either use the medium frame or full deep frames. The jig is actually in two pieces, full size for deep frames, unlatch the sides (see the side view below for the latch) to pull the top have off for medium super size.

I was putting super frames together to swap out new for old in my supers since those are more than 4 years old at this point. All you do is put the end bars in the slot (front and back), put dab of glue where the top bar will make contact then attach the top bar to each pair of end bars, then staple (1 1/4″ is what I use). No fuss, no muss. I did 10 frames in less than 9 minutes. Compare with doing this by hand!!!

Side view of end bars in the jig

Top bars glued and stapled:

Top bars glued and stapled

Side view:

Side view top bars glued and stapled

Flip the box over and do the same thing:

Belly Up.. jig flipped over awaiting glue and bottom bar

On the bottom bars I did two things different. One I put two small dabs of glue on the sides of the end bar (inside the “u”) so it can drip down the sides where the bottom bar attaches. Reason being that “top” of the bottom bar (that makes contact with the end bar) does not make flush contact with the end bar except on the two sides the bottom bar sits between because of the grove in the bottom bar. This way the glue is attaching to the sides of the bottom bar and adheres better that just a dab of glue at the bottom of the “U” shape of the end bar. I’ll take a picture of this later that will help my horrible explanation make more sense. Check back.

Also, I only put in 1 staple (1 1/4″) for the end bars compared to two staples for the top bar.

My next project (probably today) is put together my foundationless frames from Walter T Kelly. I think they are the only ones that I have found that offer foundationless (the bees make their oun foundation (comb)). Good quality product.

The jig in my opinion is worth the money if you have ever spent hours putting frames together using an air gun. Time factor alone will save you $$$!

Add an additional 5 minutes to pop the foundation in after you remove the frames from the jig. I guess you could put the foundation in before putting in the bottom bar to save some time, which I didn’t think about at the time. I’ll have totry that next!

Several suppliers sell the jig, all within a few dollars of each other. It’s worth it to check it out!!!