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Swarm Capture April 8th 2014

Got a call yesterday around lunchtime from my friend James at the department that I work at. Seems he came home for lunch and his hive swarmed on him. Nice that it landed next door in a shrub/tree. Just the perfect swarm to capture! I left work at 4pm and they were still there waiting to be captured and put in a box. Have to say this was the most fast and easiest capture yet. We had them boxed up in an hour. They were gentle the entire time and we didn’t have to suit up or use smoke. Only thing that occurred was that I got stung on the hand by some crushed, dying bees that I accidently smushed as I slid the box over the screen bottom board. James took one sting as he bungied the box together to move it next door back to his house.

On yeah… you have to watch out for those 3 inch thorns on the branches. I did get several slices from those.

Swarm in bush

Swarm in bush

Swarm in bush

Swarm in bush

Swarm in bush

Watch out for those thorns! Just found out this is a Lemon tree!

Here are two short videos taken by James (he’s in the white shirt):
Click Here Quick Time Video #1 – Swarm Capture April8th 2014
Click Here Quick Time Video #2 – Swarm Capture April8th 2014


Changing the website format… stay tuned!

Due to the light winter we had, the bees went through the winter honey stores quick. Each fall I place the extracted honey supers (2) back on the hives so the bees can backfill stores for the winter. Going into winter, 3 hives had over 60 lbs per hive. Usually I don’t have to spring feed.

This year however was different. Sunday’s inspection showed the supers were completely empty but there were some stores on the outer two frames on the bottom boxes. All 3 queens were bustin’ there butts (so to speak) filling up the top brood boxes complete from frames 1 – 10 with brood. I’ve never seen that happen before. This has been one crazy winter!

Pictures will be posted shortly. Time to make some 5:3 syurp!