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Site Issues…

Somehow I got some “malicious files” in my file space on the server. Looks like all of 2015 post are going…. still investigating! Had to change the theme as well since no posts would show. Hopefully I can change it back.



Tuberosity fracture of the left humerus vs Mean Bees!

Ok… you’ve probably read my post here about my troubles with my left arm. Couldn’t do inspections for about 5 months. So I needed to make some splits yesterday since it was the first day in about 3 weeks with no rain. I have 3 new queens to install so I selected my “Jack of Spades*” hive since it’s busting at the seams with bees judging by the bearding.

The only time this hive has been open was during my spring state inspection and it wasn’t fully broken down (2 deeps, 3 supers) since the top deep was in great shape sans the SHB which weren’t too many. So now 3 months post inspection and I attempt to go in to select frames for the splits.

I started to work the hive with no veil or jacket. Everything seems quiet on the “western front” as I removed the supers. The top deep was another story. I couldn’t even pry the top deep no matter where on the box I tried to pry. Totally sealed up with propolis So after 30 minutes of frustration (and 10 lbs of sweat) I need an X-Acto knife. Ok now I was on to somthing, the blade went right through the propolis and I was making progress. As I started to pry and separate the top deep from the bottom, the frames from the bottom deep were propolised to the top deep frames. ARGH!! The bees are now not happy at all. 10 stings later, I ran for my jacket!

They didn’t let up. Even with my jacket on, I had them hanging all over me. Smoke wasn’t helping. Well I started inspecting the frames for the ones that I wanted to make the nucs out of. Bees were now even more angry. Then they find my pants leg at my ankle and started making their way North in my pants. I won’t say how North but I think you can get the picture. I was determined to finish the job at task even though I was now suffering from stings on my legs… I lost track after 20. My name must be Job because I took every sting.

I managed to complete the task, creating 3 nucs for my new Queens but the Queens haven’t been installed in the Nucs yet, I had enough for one day.

I’m going to monitor “Jack of Spades” to see if something else is going on because that colony was never like that. The brood pattern on the removed frames where a nice oval patter so it doesn’t look like the Queen is the problem thus far. I did manage to see eggs (no double or triple eggs seen) and larvae . Alittle drone brood in the lower super but nothing alarming.

Still going to physical therapy (past 6 months)for my arm, maybe I should treat it like an arthritis patient and put a few stings to it!


* My colonies have a playing card on them to identify them. I think it help bees orient (visual) when you split and make a Nuc.

Happy New Year! (sorry late)

Yep late on updating the websites. My first broken bone in my life, greater tuberosity fracture of the left humerus. Been in an air splint since November 11th… kinda looks like a rotator cuff injury. You don’t think about things you cannot do until you cant… like tying a shoe, tucking in your shirt and the list goes on.

No lifting, no bee management. That’s been the hard part. Fortunately the hives are in really good shape. Yesterday afternoon there was orienting going on so the indicators suggest my queens are still laying since we have had warm weather this winter. It’s been in the 70’s the last two weeks!!! I left the supers on so the girls do have access to lots of honey but I will need to keep an eye on their food.

Oh well… i’ll find out if I’m going to have surgery on the 28th of January.


Hive Tracks

If you want to keep your inspections records in one place, I highly recommend a free on-line source called Hive Tracks. I find it incredible that they can offer such a fine service and easy to navigate system for no cost. Of course they do have a donate button!

I use their inspection form then enter the information on-line. Nice to be able to keep records in one place and the reports are great.


DNS issues…

Site has been off-line for a week due to DNS issues. I transfered this domains  DNS to FatCow nameservers (they are great by the way). Seems some old data got transferred as well which caused lots of problems. Finally got someone on the phone last night and told them what the problem was in DNS (old A records pointing to the wrong IP). That got the DNS Admins to look closely as my DNS records and it was fixed as of this am.

Other than this little snaffu, FatCow has been great. I have about 15 domains on here for the same price as one with unlimited bandwidth, storage etc. Was hard to believe at first but the fine print was correct… so for about $100 per year, you can’t beat it.

I’m digressing as this has nothing to do with Bees….