The About Me Page

This is the dreaded About Me page! I say that because I don’t like to talk about myself… maybe I’ll talk about me in the 3rd person? Mr Ferrell did this… Mr Ferrell did that…

About 5 years ago, Jerry Swerczek talked me into setting up my first two hives. He had been in the hobby for some time and he finally convinced me. I already have other hobbies such as Amateur Radio (callsign KD4MOJ) so that’s why it took years of him harassing me to get into another hobby. I’m glad I did! I have had as much fun keeping bees as I enjoy my radio hobby.

I work for the City of Tallahassee as a Business Systems Analyst supporting both Police and Fire applications,  which include mobile data applications and records management. My current project is the implementation of the Motorola PremierOne records management for the Tallahassee Police Department.  We are in process of customizing the configuration to mimic our current business process with full implementation scheduled later on this year (2012). The Tallahassee Fire Department has an RFP out for a new records management package as well.. I’m going to shed a tear when they decide on the new RMS since I was the first “tech” the FD had at the time,  and was the “civilian” who implemented their current “FireRMS” back in ’03. Oh well… progress.

At the moment, the City and County are constructing a $35million dollar Joint Dispatch Center so Police, Fire, EMS and Fire will be on the “same sheet of paper” for the first time. Currently, Police & Fire are using Motorola Printrak CAD software and the Sheriff is using a homegrown system while EMS (who is dispatched by the Sheriff) is using another! So you can see why things will be better in the future.

Currenly 49 years young and have 2 pets, Sysco (the guard bird who is 22 years old in April) and Katherine (the Apiary Cat). The picture (YUK) below is me 25lbs heavier… and Sysco. Got to update that pic.

Other things I do for fun (besides bees and radio) is inline skating for exercise, climbing radio towers to replace light bulbs and other maintenance (some paid, some Pro Bono), playing Buzztime Trivia with me buds (Hermes & Yehdog) at the Varsity Bar and Grill, and riding my Honda CBR600RR. Gotta find some picures…


Sysco and I on the deck.

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