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Early morning bearding…

Went out this am to check the bird baths to make sure there was ample water for the bees and I saw this:


Click to make larger.

And another view:

Side view
Side View

Not sure what to make of this… only 72°F this am. Could be that I added a super yesterday after harvesting the honey from another hive so they had lots of new food since the frames were dripping with honey. Maybe this is a celebration stance…

BTW, in the last two days (between thunderstorms) I harvested about 180 lbs of honey off 3 hives. One had 3 supers and the other two had 2 each. Basically the 1st super in each hive the queen had been laying so I didn’t harvest any of those frames. I guess my late spring management was alittle lacking and she needed more room. I’ll be making some splits soon out of these colonies so that should take care of that issue.

You can see that the hives are sitting on some Rohn 20G tower sections. Typically they are used to mount an antenna on (TV, Amateur Radio etc) but since I only use 25G I put them to good use!